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"Every Monday I see you standing there/Beneath the subway/Nothing but moonlight in your hair/ And I'm asking myself "why?"/I think of you day and night/You seem to be so lost baby/Now I have found youuuu..." (Window by Brad Kavanagh) Twitter: https://twitter.com/fabinafan

Apr 4
Tweeted by “@hayrose”: “so excited I met @burkelyduffield @AJSawyer and @Eugene_Simon on rodeo drive! #amazingday”.

Tweeted by “@hayrose”: “so excited I met @burkelyduffield @AJSawyer and @Eugene_Simon on rodeo drive! #amazingday”.

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    OMFG. If this was from Sunday I’m gonna be so sad :( —- This was from Sunday & the girl was visiting CA too. smh
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    //I know why he looks so amazing it’s how he always looks sigh
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    Jerry? Alfie? Why can’t I remember this? Why do I look so amazing? And who are these girls?
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